Dear Delegates,
Dear Guests,
Dear Friends,

The European People’s Party has the pleasure to invite you to the EPP 2015 Statutory Congress from 21-22 October in Madrid, Spain, which will be hosted by our member party PARTIDO POPULAR.

The European People’s Party is the winner of the 2014 European elections. In Madrid we will show the people of Europe that we are the political family that has the right solutions to the challenges which peopleare facing in Europe. The economic policies which have helped Spain and other European countries to overcome economic difficulties and return to growth and job creation will, therefore, be a major topic of our Congress in Madrid. We will discuss the EPP priorities of achieving a digital single market and helping the people of Europe to acquire the e-skills needed to succeed in the digital era. The EPP will address diverse challenges at the doorstep of Europe which make clear that a separation between internal and external threats no longer exists. This is the reason we Europeans have to be confident in defending and strengthening our common European values, also outside of Europe. These threats exist in Europe’s Eastern and Southern neighbourhoods. The wars in Ukraine, Syria and Libya, the Russian aggression, as well as migration flows, failed states and terrorism are just a few. This is the reason the EPP Congress in Madrid will also focus its debates on foreign and security policies. This event will also be an excellent opportunity to highlight the essential role of the transatlantic partnership; the relations between Europe and the United States are essential for our prosperity and our security.
The EPP 2015 Statutory Congress in Madrid will also elect the EPP President, 10 Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer and the EPP Secretary General. We are looking forward to seeing you in Madrid.


Joseph Daul Antonio López-Istúriz
President Secretary-General